What Clients Are Saying

Valley Park Riding School is a fantastic place for novice, intermediate and advanced riders. My Daughter has been attending lessons for a few years now and has always been treated well, learned equine care and grooming as well as had top flight instruction in riding and personally tailored lessons regarding body position and strength development for weaknesses. Every time she hops back in the car she shows signs of having worked hard! Always worth it.

Shannon Pincombe

I think Valley Park is a wonderful riding school filled with lots of opportunities. I ride there weekly and it is so welcoming it feels like my second home. All of the horses\ponies there are so friendly and calm. I enjoy all of the instructors company and advice. I recommend this riding school to anyone from beginners to masters.

This riding school is so wonderful. The staff are so lovely, the instructors are amazing and the horses are so beautiful and easy to ride. Not to mention well looked after. I highly recommended this riding school for beginners or advanced riders, or riding looking to get back into it like me. Thanks team I think your so wonderful!

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