Price Upon Application


If your child loves ponies, loves sparkles and adores unicorns, then look no further for their next birthday celebration​. Unicorn Parties are specially designed to cater for children under the age of six, and group sizes between between 6-9 riders to ensure the safety and the best possible experience.​ Valley Park Unicorn Parties are jam packed with activities and add ons to ensure everyone has a great time.​

What's included?​​​

  • 1 hour of exclusive use of your Unicorn (this includes 15 minutes preparation time and plat and play time) 

  • 1 private handler for the duration of the session 

  • 2 hours use of private pergola (this includes any set up/pack-down time you may need) to enjoy party food and cake

  • Private use of BBQ at Pergola

  • Supplied activities while the children take turns riding the unicorn

  • Personalised digital invitation (upon request)

  • Total time 2 hours


Pony parties are a fantastic birthday celebration for a group size of 6-9 riders for children over 6 years old. Each attending child will have their own pony to ride for a 1 hour as part of a private group riding session.

What's included?​

  • 30 minutes of preparation time including helmet/boot fitting and horse preparation

  • 1 private instructor and assistant 

  • 2 hours use of private pergola overlooking party arena (this includes any set up/pack-down time you may need) to enjoy food and drinks

  • Private use of BBQ at Pergola

  • Total time 2 hours

Please note: parents/guardians are to supply all food and drinks. Please adhere to standard childcare/school policy when it comes to common food allergens such as nuts.

For a booking to proceed we require a minimum of 6 riders and a maximum of 9 riders.