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Price Upon Application


If your child loves ponies, loves sparkles and adores unicorns, then look no further for their next birthday celebration​. Unicorn Parties are specially designed to cater for children under the age of six, and group sizes between between 6-9 riders to ensure the safety and the best possible experience.​ Valley Park Unicorn Parties are jam packed with activities and add ons to ensure everyone has a great time.​

What's included?​​​

  • 1 hour of exclusive use of your Unicorn (this includes a pony ride for each rider) 

  • 1 private handler for the duration of the session and host. 

  • 2 hours use of private party area (this includes any set up/pack-down time you may need) and our NEW playground.

  • Private use of BBQ 

  • Supplied activities while the children take turns riding the unicorn.

  • Personalised digital invitation (upon request)

  • Total time 2 hours


Pony parties are a fantastic birthday celebration for a group size of 6-9 riders for children over 6 years old. Each attending child will have their own pony to ride for a 1 hour as part of a private group riding session.

What's included?​

  • 30 minutes of preparation time including helmet/boot fitting and horse preparation

  • 1 private instructor and assistant 

  • 2 hours use of private pergola overlooking party arena (this includes any set up/pack-down time you may need) to enjoy food and drinks

  • Private use of BBQ 

  • Total time 2 hours


Are you looking for something a little different to what is described above? Maybe you have more than 9 riders wanting to join? Or perhaps the time doesn't quite work for you? Please get in touch with us at to discuss what we can do. 

We ask that you keep our horses in mind when bringing decorations. Blingy decorations and balloons can distract nearby horses so please keep all decorations to a minimum. We reserve the right to move or remove any decorations that we deem to be distracting. 

Please note: parents/guardians are to supply all food and drinks. Please adhere to standard childcare/school policy when it comes to common food allergens such as nuts. Also please be aware that we do not offer rubbish removal services, please take all rubbish with you and dispose of off site. 

For a booking to proceed we require a minimum of 6 riders and a maximum of 9 riders. 

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