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From $80


Children’s group lessons are available for beginners up to advanced riders and run for 2 hours. Sessions consist of 30 minutes to helmet and boot up, groom and practical handling, followed by 1-hour riding in the arena. The lesson wraps up with 30 minutes of classroom theory or practical handling. Included Theory component cost is $60 for weekly riders and $40 for fortnightly riders per term.


An assessment private lesson will need to be completed prior to group allocation to find a group that would work best for the rider’s abilities. If no group is available, we can offer alternate lessons until a suitable group becomes available.

*Our customer maximum weight restriction is 90kg. Please be aware that on the day of your lesson VPRS staff may ask you to be weighed and if your weight exceeds our maximum safety weight restriction, VPRS may cancel your lesson and all monies paid by you will be forfeited. 

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