Pony profile - Koda

Name: Koda

Breed:  Friesian x Welsh

Age:  8

Height: 13hh

Colour:  Black with white star on his face

Koda arrived at Valley Park around 5 years ago as an unbroken project pony.  Trish broke Koda in herself and trained him up to become one of our many reliable riding school ponies.

Koda has a very even temperament, however due to his heavy horse breeding we tend to use him for our more capable beginners and beyond as he is a bit stronger in hand than some of our other ponies.  

Koda is known for being a fantastic cross country mount and he loves taking part in mounted games.  He loves the opportunity to get out in the paddock and go for a run - and our students have plenty of fun giving in to Koda's love of a good gallop!

What you may not know about Koda, is that he and Alfie are half brothers, in fact they both arrived at Valley Park as a pair!  The two have remained great friends since their arrival...aww!

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