Meet Cleo

Hi everyone! My name is Cleo and I'm new to Valley Park. So far I am settling in really well and have made some wonderful friends, some with four legs and others with two!

I suppose you could say I'm pretty tall at 16hh, but don't worry, I'm very gentle. I'm a Warmblood, we're known to make excellent eventing horses - and that's what I was doing prior to joining the lesson program at Valley Park.

I used to compete regularly in dressage and showjumping competitions. I LOVE to jump, it is my absolute favourite thing to do so keep an eye out for me flying over some fences!

Trinda has been pairing me up with some of the more experienced riders at Valley Park who are ready to start learning higher and more complex jumping combinations - which suits me perfectly.

I like to think of myself as super friendly and very well behaved, except for when I go looking for the dirtiest part of the paddock to roll in... so don't be surprised if you see me with some muddy patches! 

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