Meet Bonnie

Have you noticed a beautiful, almost black horse around the stables? Meet Bonnie, a relatively new addition to Valley Park, yet she's cemented herself as a go-to mount for some of our more experienced riders. Let's get to know her!

Name: Bonnie

Breed: Australian Stock Horse

Height: 15.2hh

Colour: dark brown, almost black.

Bonnie came to us toward the end of 2018 from her previous owner as a reliable trail riding horse. She was very quiet and sweet, so we knew that she would be perfectly suited to the school. Even better, Bonnie was very eager and willing to work with our instructors to refine her skills across both jumping and dressage.

Bonnie is predominantly ridden by our more experienced riders looking to further their technique, especially in dressage. She is a wonderful teacher especially when it comes to riders learning how to have a horse work correctly into contact. Not only this, she has beautiful movement and a smooth gait, making her very comfortable to ride.

She loves jumping, and our senior riders are really enjoying learning how to tackle combinations and improve their technique over fences. She is very expressive and enjoys the thrill she gets from jumping.

Bonnie is always up for a pat so be sure to say hi to her if you see her in the yard!


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