Junior Combined Training Clinic 2020

Our January clinic was held last week and we were thrilled to host so many talented young riders. As part of this clinic, a dressage and showjumping competition were held under 'real' competition conditions. Congratulations to all who competed!



1 - Elizabeth riding Pepper

2 - Lillian riding Chester

3 - Millie riding Colin


1 - Lucia riding Alfie

2 - Lucy H riding Missy

3 - Charlie riding Danny

Overall champion:

Elizabeth riding Pepper.

Riders in attendance:

Rosie riding Abbey

Millie riding Colin

Lucia riding Alfie

Lillian riding Chester

Leila riding DJ

Charlie riding Danny

Sophia riding Koda

Elizabeth riding Pepper

Imogen riding Mystie

Lucy H riding Missy

Lucy S riding Bandit

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