Catching up with Bree

It’s been around eight months since one of our incredible instructors, Bree injured herself. Sadly, this meant that Bree was unable to ride her horse, Minnie for quite a long time, and was hobbling around Valley Park on crutches while her leg healed. We spoke to Bree about her recovery and what she plans on achieving this year now that she’s feeling good and back in the saddle!

Valley Park: When and how did you injure yourself, Bree?

Bree: In July 2019 I somehow dismounted awkwardly and landed not so well, resulting in a decompression of my tibia underneath my knee. At first I thought it was a simple fracture, however I was soon told that I needed a partial reconstruction. This put a real dampener on my riding plans and had me feeling pretty down about everything.

VP: What did this mean for you in terms of working and riding?

B: I couldn’t ride, however, I was very lucky that after surgery, I was able to continue instructing at Valley Park despite being on crutches.After 4 weeks I was able to drive again, and then at 8 weeks, I was starting to bare some weight on my leg, which meant I could spend more time with Minnie. Around that time I became more mobile so I was able to do groundwork with Minnie, such as lunging. I’m very fortunate that Minnie has impeccable ground manners and was very gentle with me being on crutches.I had a friend who was very generous in floating Minnie to the local showjumping stables where Minnie was able to use the treadmill. This ensured she stayed nice and fit! I had her receive regular physio and pulse therapy treatments so that her muscles stayed nice and loose for when we could start riding again.

VP: What therapy have you been doing to regain your strength and fitness? B: I was able to start riding again in November and with the help of Bodyfit (circuit training) and an incredible Osteopath, I’ve been getting stronger and fitter by the day. I can’t emphasise the importance of fitness for riders of all levels. I also have to shout out to my incredible family who has made this process just that little bit easier. I’ve been living by the mantra: ‘Surround yourself with great people!’

VP: What are your riding goals for this year? B: I would love to start back showjumping in the 80sm classes through HRCAV this year, and perhaps enter us into some EA classes, too. I’m going to see how we go, and will decide as to whether we are ready to tackle eventing – you never know what might happen with horses, and it pays to be cautious!

Bree would like to extend her thanks to all of her students, colleagues and of course, Trish for all of their support over the past several months.

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