An office job surrounded by horses? Yes please!

When we think of careers in the equestrian world we often cast our minds toward roles as instructors, grooms and track riders. While incredibly fulfilling, these roles may not suit all horse-lovers.

If you’ve visited Valley Park in the last five years or so, you’ve undoubtedly met Trinda, our jack of all trades, master of many.

We sat down with Trinda to discuss all things horsey, including her unique job involving management, administration, veterinary duties and caring for dogs, ponies and cats.

How long have you been working at Valley Park?

This is my 5th year working at Valley Park, I am a qualified instructor however I focus more on yard work, office management and administration.

Do you have a favourite horse or pony at VPRS?

They are all great but I do love Peaches and Jeddi.

When did you start riding?

When I was 7 years old at a riding school in Wonga Park. I rode there for 3 years before I got my first horse.

Tell us about your first horse.

My first horse I got when I was 10 years old. I've had 6 horses all up with my most recent two horses, Jasper and Tully being my favourite.

What about your current horse, Tully?

I purchased Tully a year ago and unfortunately haven’t had the best luck with him as he has had some soundness issues. He is an absolutely beautiful horse though – so we enjoy cuddles, feed time and he does love his time off in the paddock!

Tell us about your role at Valley Park…

I started working at VPRS in 2014 doing yard-work in the mornings, I’d mainly feed and provide general care to the horses. As the school became more established, my hours increased as we acquired more horses.

I soon began taking pony rides and teaching kindy lessons where I introduced small children to horses and the basics of riding them.

Eventually my role become a full time one, where I was taking care of the horses needs and with Trish’s assistance, I gained my instructors qualification through Horse Safety Australia (HAS). I then began taking adult beginner lessons.

I started taking an interest in the stable management side of things and was promoted to Stable Manager where I managed horse care including all farrier, vet and dental visits and ensured all the horses were up to date with their worming and vaccinations. I was also responsible for rostering staff and managing their shifts.

Over time I had been learning the various computer systems and around 7 months ago I stepped into the role of Facility Manager, where I am responsible for a bulk of the administrative duties at VPRS including scheduling lessons, taking bookings, keeping on top of our merchandise fulfillment alongside several of my duties from my previous role. I am absolutely loving my new position and have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

What do you love most about working at Valley Park?

What I love about this job is the 'family' aspect of it. All our staff are so lovely and we all work together well to ensure all students have a wonderful, safe and fun experience when they visit. Every day is enjoyable.

I also love that we get such great feedback on our horses and how well they are cared for. This is something we pride ourselves in, they are all loved like our own.

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